• I Made over 200k in the last year talking to People I didn't know.
  • I Was over 650k in Debt 3 years ago.
  • Author of the Book; How to change scripts into Conversations

I will Show you how to effectively communicate with others to provide you a better quality of life and help grow your business.

The Black Belt of Personalities

When: June 13, 2023 @ 7 PM EST

Where: Zoom Webinar

Topic: Understanding Personalities

Brock's Coach - Michael Burt (Left) , Brock Zevan (Right)

Presented By:

Brock Zevan

Business Coach, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Real Estate Team Leader, Dad

Brock's Core Beliefs on Prospecting

  • When you can change your scripts into conversations, the more you can listen and validate at a higher level.
  • The sooner you make people feel that you believe in yourself, the faster you can ask for the opportunity.
  • You must understand yourself before you can analyze someone else. 

  • The faster one can identify one's personality type, the easier one can make self adjustments.
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What We Will Cover

  • How to Increase your conversions when prospecting
  • Discovering the art and skill of recognizing all personality types
  • Understanding your clients and best ways to communicate with them
  • How to have the upper hand when negotiating

"Brock continues to amaze me and my team. I'm impressed with his knack of asking the proper questions and motivating my team and myself. He is very diplomatic in his approach and way to hold a firm, but a caring way to hold one accountable. Brock pours into us and is always available for question, scripts or just shoulder to learn on. I can assure you that brock has raised the game of me and my team. I have been in the business for 20 Years and his knowledge and expertise is beyond his years. I am very grateful to call him my coach and friend. I would highly recommend his coaching services to any agent, regardless of years in the business; Want To Raise Your Game? Brock is your man!"  - Michael B

"Brock is a phenomenal coach and mentor. I am a new Realtor he has already given me so much advice and help for my journey and helping me become successful."- Chasity Hall

"Brock not only provides his knowledge and experience to support me, he also prioritizes my professional growth. The 100% he pours in can be seen in his results and relationships with people."- Luke Hassinger

"The wisdom Brock shared was priceless. Not only is he a great real estate agent but, also an amazing life coach. I highly recommend his services and team to everyone!"- Ana C.

Meet Brock.

I am a father first to two children Brielle and Bryce. We call ourselves the three B’s. They are my why and my reason for the strong work ethic that I have. For 12 years I taught physical education, coached football and baseball for middle and high school and later became an assistant principal. While I loved helping and coaching the kids, I soon realized that I wanted more for my family. In an effort to live and provide my best life, I went to real estate school and later opened my own brokerage. Soon after I discovered that I could grow with support of others so I joined a national brand. In 2019, I found a way to offer more for my family and my team and then headed to one of the Real Estate Companies here in Charlotte. My Real Estate Career has given me the opportunity to use my coaching skills that I learned while teaching. I am a visionary. I strive to help those around me help themselves. My passion is helping others. Whether it is my family, my team or my clients I take pride in serving others and do that by taking the time to listen to their needs and their own why’s. Recognizing one’s personality type as well as their love language helps me better communicate and I find that to be one of the most important things I can do to improve all of my relationships. -Brock